What Does it Mean to Be Transparent?

The President of the United States travels all over the world. He has a travel budget. It is posted so that Americans can see in a democratic society where he goes and how much he spends (tax payer’s money).

 Our Conference elected President has a 41,000 dollar travel budget plus a 15,000 dollar budget all totaling about 56,000 dollars of God’s green tithe dollars that the people faithfully return to God. Will the President and other officers and departmental directors post their travel itinerary and travel budgets used so that all the constituents of the SWRC can see how God’s faithfully returned tithe dollar was used? Wouldn’t you like to know? Wouldn’t you like to know if the travel of our elected governing officials was properly used to serve us as constituents?

 How much of that 56,000 dollars was used to serve the constituents of this field verses expenditures used to travel anywhere in North America or outside the continent (when approved by the SWRC Executive Committee) during the Presidents last four years in office?

I challenge the Southwest Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to publish the expenditures by all elected officials used on behalf of the constituents on their website.


There are no detailed or itemized expenditures available for the constituents to review on the current website published. Please let me know if I missed something! Incumbents if you want to be “rehired” then provide the constituents with the necessary information for how you are using “our” money.

God Bless


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2 Responses to What Does it Mean to Be Transparent?

  1. @sistergirl thank for joining the discussion! Your the first person to respond. I agree that it may not be a lot or exorbidant however I do think the needs of constituents need to be addressed in related to travel. Transparency allows constituents to know that their churches are being reached by the officers in this conference. I would like to know how often conference officials visit smaller churches who need assistance with their programs.


  2. Sister-Girl says:

    You know, members are so petty! I went to the last GC session and easily spent $3500-4,000 dollars just for 10 days. So you think that’s a lot of money for a year’s worth of travel? He probably has mandatory meetings he must attend. However, if he published an itinary these questions probably would not come up.

    Public figures do publish how they spend their money and maybe he should too! Oh I should say OUR money. I am really interested if people think that is a lot of money!


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